Monday, November 27, 2006

LibWorm: Librarianship RSS Search and Current Awareness

LibWorm: Librarianship RSS Search and Current Awareness. I guess this is what we've been waiting for! This is a project by David Rothman and Frankie Dolan.


gen said...

This is great for keyword searches! I'm trying to subscribe to "information architecture" as a subject feed and the results look pretty icky in Bloglines for some reason: each post is one gigantic paragraph which includes comments, like a long stream of consciousness gone completely crazy. I can't read that! It scares me. Wonder if it has something to do with Bloglines? Seems to be dropping the HTML info so the resulting text has no structure.

gen said...

I subscribed to the "Academic Libraries" feed category and found it pretty underwhelming. It's much too broad a search, for starters. That's a (canned) category feed. I'm also trying the (canned) subject feed "information architecture". Too bad they don't outline the search strategies for the subject searches. Difficult to read on my laptop too: horizontal scrolling required, in addition to lack of structure in the posts.

David Rothman said...

Hi Gen.

"Academic Libraries" is, as you wrote, a Feed Category, not a search. The posts there are from every feed indexed by LibWorm that originates from an academic library.

To see the detail of the Subject searches, just look at the URL.


-David Rothman