Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Justia Blawg Search

Justia Blawg Search is a handy tool for searching law blogs (or blawgs) but unfortunately, as Stephen Cohen points out, you can't create an RSS feed to get notified of future posts relevant to your search. Too bad PubSub seems to have tanked.


Bob said...

Now that PubSub is no longer working, I've been relying on email alerts from Google's BlogSearch as well as RSS feeds generated by that search engine. Check them out. ( It isn't, in my opinion, as satisfactory an offering as PubSub had, but it is the best available today.

bob wyman

Susan said...

Justia Blawg Search has RSS feeds for tracking new posts in categories and searches.

gen said...

We posted about Blawgsearch's RSS feeds. They were not originally available. I think this kind of illustrates the weaknesses of using older blog posts for current information.