Monday, May 28, 2007

CHLA_ABSC_podcasting.pdf (application/pdf Object)

New fact sheet on podcasting from CHLA.

Thursday, May 10, 2007 Pages tagged with "information_literacy" on

You can subscribe to the feed for pages tagged with "information_literacy" on Nice example of another use of social software! It obviously misses variant tags like infolit and informationliteracy but it's still pretty neat.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pay Attention

CHLA Conference CE on Social Software

CHLA/ABSC Continuing Education(CE) Course - Social software in health libraries - SLAIS534

Dean Giustini & Eugene Barsky created a Wiki for their CE workshop on social software in health libraries. They cover lots of territory, including RSS/blogging.

The workshop is hands-on, and I'm not sure if this means that participants will sign up for accounts and subscribe to content during the workshop, or will just be encouraged to explore the services and websites.

What an idea though - instead of a workbook/webpage/slide presentation, to use a Wiki to deliver the workshop. Wish I'd though of that!

RSS To Speech Gadget

RSS To Speech Gadget

This product is the Giveaway of the Day for May 1. Seems like an interesting app which opens up new possibilities for RSS.

Also, xFruits, which I've posted about before, offers something similar.

Rothman's Update on EBSCOhost RSS Features

David Rothman has posted an Update on EBSCOhost RSS Features which clears up a lot of the perceived problems he thought the new RSS one-click feature had.