Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blogging survey results, compliments of Meredith Farkas

In her 2007 Survey of the Biblioblogosphere: Blog Demographics, Meredith Farkas provides some interesting blogging figures, including how long respondents have been blogging, to what type of blog(s) they contribute, why they blog, and more. She also provides demographics to accompany these results. Out of 839 respondents, she had 18 from Eastern Canada, 16 from Western Canada, and 20 from Middle of Canada, which gives a tidy Canadian total of 54 "bibliobloggers" (i.e. folks who write library-related blogs). Or to look at in from a slightly different angle, 6.5% of the total number of respondents were people living in Canada. Not bad! Here's the post in which she announced the survey in July 2007. These data are certainly informative regardless of the issues surrounding surveys in general, how the respondents were sought, etc. She's also got an index. Thanks, Meredith! I hope the filtered results will put a regional spin on the blog demographics too...

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