Monday, April 30, 2007

EBSCOhost RSS Feed and Search/Journal Alert Upgrades

EBSCO: EBSCOhost RSS Feed and Search/Journal Alert Upgrades

According to David Rothman, the policy needs some tweaking, as it requires users to "access" the feeds within a week of creation, and they must remain "active" or they will be deleted.

Sadly, this makes no sense, and the people at EBSCO seemed to have missed the point of feeds. I will have to look into this further, especially since I currently have four feeds from EBSCO databases, and would really hate for this to be deleted without warning.

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gen said...

"As long the EBSCOhost user adds the feed to an aggregator within one week of its creation, it will not expire, unless the aggregator does not automatically update results (extremely unlikely) supplied by the feed for two months." Bloglines has this to say about updates: "Currently, Bloglines checks sites once an hour for updates." So I'm not really sure this is a problem--am I misunderstanding something?