Saturday, February 10, 2007

R|mail's faster than RssFwd at converting RSS postings to email but I'm confused about unsubscribing

At least based on my own tests, R|mail is in fact consistently faster than RssFwd. I'd recommend R|mail if you haven't developed the habit of reading RSS feeds via an aggregator or reader and don't mind clogging up your inbox with messages! I'm just glad I can finally unsubscribe from getting postings as emails for this little test: I get enough email already.
RssFwd's advantage over R|mail: it's apparently a lot easier to unsubscribe. I tried the link in the bottom of one of the R|mail emails I received but I didn't get a confirmation that I was unsubscribing, so as a user I'm confused--especially since R|mail doesn't seem to be allowing me to log in with any of the three email addresses I use and I can't remember my password--but maybe I never completed the subscription process? Systems should be as easy to use as possible. Not making it easy to unsubscribe is bad news. Guess I'll find out if I'm still subscribed for emails from either one of these services after I post this (I had subscribed to InfoPill for email alerts).


gen said...

It doesn't look like my initial attempt to unsusbscribe from R|mail worked, but when I received this posting via email (thanks to my failure to unsubscribe) and clicked on the 'unsubscribe' link again, I did get a confirmation message about my subscription being removed. Should be okay now.

Randy Charles Morin said...

Wow thanks! That's quite an honor. I'm the creator of Rmail. I've also ran test and RssFwd is definitely my strongest competitor.

Randy Charles Morin said...

Thanks! From the Rmail guy. I like RssFwd too! It's my strongest competitor.