Thursday, May 25, 2006

I give up on FeedRinse

FeedRinse is driving me nuts: It promised to answer all my wishes and then stomped all over my dreams of tailored RSS results. I have no idea how it's filtering ResourceShelf, but it's certainly not using the keywords I entered. I thought maybe the keyword 'EPA' was messing it up (perhaps it was picking up any post with words containing those three letters in succession?) but when I removed it, the results were the same: wrong. Plus, it won't let me add any new feeds, so I think it might consider five attempts to set up a feed filter as five filters, regardless of whether those feeds were deleted or not. I was psyched, now I'm annoyed. Guess you get what you pay for... but I'm certainly not upgrading! I'll stick to PubSub. Just wish I could use a matching engine on a specific feed with PubSub... hmm?

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